A lot of computers have integrated webcams so you can easily make pictures or movies with it. Many people are aware of this and photograph themselves in stores with webcams from showroom computers. Being in a public space does not stop people from forgetting everything around them when they see their images on a computer screen. People show themselves in intimate ways they would never do in front of a mirror in the same store, or in front of any photographers lens. The resulting pictures are sometimes deleted, but mostly stored on the computer. Some people even record video messages for other people.

In Showroom I expose people who have photographed themselves with webcams on showroom computers in stores. I went to stores where showroom computers were present and took the pictures people took of themselves from the computers.

A lot of people make more than one picture, and start to play with the camera. These pictures show their fascination with their face, their image and the photographic medium.

3 digital photo frames with slide shows, 2011
1000 photos on 15m x 3,5m wallpaper, 2018

Exhibition view at Overdaad, Kunstlinie Almere, 2018.

Exhibition view at From Here On, Rencontres d'Arles 2011.

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