This Is Me & This Is Me

Many people say "that's me" when they point at a picture of themselves. They point at their portrait and identify themselves with it as if the picture really is them. They don't say "this represents me". You recognize yourself in a picture, and that's enough to identify yourself with it.

While going through a lot of old family pictures I saw many pictures of my identical twin brother and me, without knowing who I was. I constantly saw two little boys in the pictures and didn't know whether I should look at the left or the right boy to see myself. How could I then point to one of them and state that that one is me?

If someone like my parents know which boy I am in a picture, they can tell me which one I am, but this doesn't change a thing for me. I still look at two similar boys. I can then say that the specific boy represents me, but I can recognize myself also in the other boy, a reason for many people to say "that's me".

Although I am not able to tell which of the two boys represents me in the pictures, I decided that I recognize myself in both boys and therefore identify myself with them both. This is me and this is also me.

Framed inkjet prints, 33x27 cm, 2010

Exhibition view (detail) at C/O Berlin, 2012

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