Paris Error

PARIS ERROR focusses on the terror attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris. The events have been reported by media, mainly focussing on the acts of the terrorists. The project tries to document the abstract and elusive feelings one has when experiencing such attacks, instead of documenting actual facts.

The project exists out of different elements, such as prints mounted on wood or perspex and framed texts. A large satellite photo of Paris hangs in front of a wall which is painted gold. The map has 130 bullet holes, cut out at all the places were 130 people died during the attacks. In front of this all is a white French Bistro set, with a puzzle of 1000 pieces showing a self portrait. The portrait has a back background which makes the puzzle practically impossible to solve.

Inkjet prints, 1000 pieces puzzle, table & chairs, 2018

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