███ and Willem

Bronze Medal Schönste Bücher Aus Aller Welt 2010

The Best Dutch Book Designs 2010

Special Mention
Dutch Doc Award 2011

The Dutch Photo Book
(the 120 most important
Dutch photobooks since 1945)

Winner Public Prize
Steenbergen Stipendium 2008

███ and Willem. Documentation of a youth chronicles the lives of the identical twins ███ and Willem, who were separated for ten years during their youth. The project questions modern family relationships and how identity is perceived through photography.

███ and his new parents have not granted permission to have their portraits used in the context of this documentation. Their faces and names are obscured.

Graphic design by Robin Uleman
Published by post editions
paperback | 184 pp | 16,8 x 23 cm | 25 €
For sale at your own bookstore or order a copy online

Exhibition view at CBK Dordrecht, 2010

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