Do-It-Yourselfie Guide
Limited Artist Edition

Perhaps you're new to the art of the selfie. Maybe the validation from Oxford Dictionaries has given you the courage to finally try one out for yourself. If that's the case, be careful. You are about to enter a minefield of potential disasters. Willem Popelier analyzed tens of thousands of selfies, thousands of tips and dozens of research articles on selfies for The Do-It-Yourselfie Guide. This guide contains 66 rules accompanied by 66 pictures in which Willem Popelier re-enacted some of the most famous selfies on earth.

The limited artist edition, in collaboration with New Window, exists of 149 photo identity pictures on heavyweight inkjet paper. It comes in a beautiful smal box, made entirely by hand and signed by the artist. For sale at New Window.

- Limited Artist Edition -
Edition of 66
140 EURO | buy a copy online
In collaboration with New Window in 2014
Graphic design by Willem Popelier
149 inkjet prints (35 × 45 mm each)
in paper box (83 × 83 × 42 mm)
Handmade by the artist, signed and numbered

(Supported by the Mondriaan Fund)

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